Meet the Team

Dedicated & Passionate

Francesca Di Niro

Nursery Manager

I am motivated to provide your children with exceptional care and  education through driving my team to be the best that they can be. 

Michael Gilfillan

Deputy Manager and Pre School Room Leader

I am passionate about providing invitations to learning and provocations through an enabling environment.  I am committed to supporting children's mental health and promoting good habits for the future.  

Amy Bromley

Toddler Room Educator

I enjoy developing children's language and communication through the use of songs, rhymes and story telling.

Tessa Gilfillan

Baby Room Leder

I love working with families and building relationships with the babies and children in my care.  I see each child as an individual and love getting to know their characters. 

Paula North

Pre School Room Educator 

I love to create wow moments for the children and sparking their interest with new experiences providing opportunities for play and adventure.

Lauren Giles

Toddler Room Educator 

I am passionate about extending children's learning through creating sensory experiences. I love to change and adapt my room to ensure children are always engaged and motivated. 

Erica Mason

Baby Room Educator 

I enjoy engaging the children in old school games such as stuck in the mud and love to build obstacle courses to promote children's physical development.

Sasha Van Der Vioet

Pre School Room Educator 

I am passionate about expressive arts and design providing children with ways to use their imagination through junk modelling and mark making. 

Support Educator

I enjoy taking children on a literacy adventure through story telling, the use of props, books and imagination, taking children on a journey. 

                  Katie Platts

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